You Ought To Know These Amazon Alexa Tricks

Can you count the number of activities that Amazon’s virtual voice assistant Alexa can do for you? If you have such a device with you, I am pretty sure you must have tried demanding a whole lot of activities and it must have fulfilled your wishes as well. Apart from demanding news and song requests, sometimes people try to get naughty and ask whether Alexa would go on a date with them.

Yeah, Amazon keeps on bringing new devices such as Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen powered by MediaTek processors, and people keep on coming up with newer ways to interact with Alexa.

Well, there are countless logical and illogical things you can demand, but do you know that Alexa can perform much more for you? Also, there are some easy tips and tricks that can make your life with Alexa a lot easier. Here are some of the coolest ones that I really like:

Alexa Whisper Mode:

When it’s quiet at night and your loved ones are sleeping, you would not want to shout command at Alexa and even want Alexa to respond quietly. Well, now there’s a solution for that.

You can quite ask Alexa to enable the “Whisper Mode” and you can Alexa can interact with each other in whispers. Isn’t it quite cool?

Alexa, Learn My Voice:

In a normal scenario, only one person has an account on the Alexa application and the rest of the people can use the device using their voice. However, if you want personalized assistance, even this is possible.

First, you need to train your voice by saying, “Alexa, learn my voice” and follow Alexa’s instructions. Now, ask the other people to install the app and sign in. On their app they need to choose ‘I’m someone else” and then Alexa will train their voice. With this, you will get personalized news, music, and shopping experience.

Change Your Music Provider:

As of now, most of us are used to listening to music from Amazon Music. This is what Alexa uses as a default source to fulfill your music demands. But if you want, you can change the source of music as well. You can set Spotify or Apple Music as your primary music source, but for that, you need to make some settings with your Amazon Echo app. Click here to find out more about this.

Alexa Reminders:

With Alexa by your side, you need to forget the use of pen and paper for reminders and also do away the sticky notes. Just ask Alexa to schedule a reminder for you on a particular day with time, and you are good to go.

For instance, “Alexa, remind me to pick Jim from swimming classes at 3 PM every Tuesday and Thursday”, and Alexa will be obedient enough to flash a reminder.

Repeat Yourself, Please:

Except for the fact that you do not need to urge so much, Alexa would repeat itself when she was not decipherable for the first time. You just need to ask, “Alexa, can you repeat that,” or “Alexa, can you say that again” and it will get her repeating its latest response. It won’t even feel fussy when you did not pay proper attention the first time.

These are some of the important tips and tricks that will make your life much simpler with Alexa. Most of the Amazon smart speakers are powered by MediaTek chipsets and so they have a lot of power in them. Try these tricks and do not forget to mention your experiences in the comment section.


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