Xiaomi XiaoAi Smart Alarm Clock: Is This the Future?

3 min readSep 4, 2020

With is amazingly smart products that never drill your bank account, Xiaomi is probably one of the Chinese brands that manufacture almost all kinds of gadgets and is ruling the world markets by this.

The latest one in the segment is Xiaomi XiaoAi Smart Alarm Clock which has already been released in China and is about to hit the US markets very soon. Well, as the name suggests, this is a smart alarm clock and apart from waking you up in the morning or offering reminders, it can perform some other pretty tasks as well.

So let me introduce you to this Xiaomi XiaoAi Smart Alarm Clock, with its look and feel and how well it can be a part of your daily regime:

Design and Display:

Xiaomi XiaoAi Smart Alarm Clock is a small rectangular box with its dimensions as 126.2mm X 27mm X 60.8mm. It weighs about 170 grams and has white polycarbonate plastic exterior. The alarm clock has a black display and all it shows is time in red and bold. It has a micro USB plug and a microphone as well to help it hear your voice.

The top of the alarm clock has a button which is used to switch off the alarm and can also be used to trigger the virtual assistant.

The smart alarm clock is powered by a MediaTek processor which is clocked at 1.3Ghz and is quad-core in nature. No doubt, this is the thing that powers the speed of virtual assistant and also takes care of the display.

The smart alarm clock also has Xiaomi’s AI Xiaoai smart speakers with a speaker sensitivity of 95dB and max power output of 2W. The AI feature in the speaker is equipped to listen to your voice and using your voice, you can set as many as 30 different alarms. Besides, you can also set 80 distinct reminders and also get alerts for weather, stock update and news headlines etc.

Setting up the Smart Alarm Clock:

The Xiaomi XiaoAi Smart Alarm Clock can be set using the companion smartphone application. Though this is just meant for China presently but as soon as the smart alarm clock hits the markets in the world, it would surely be available in all the world languages.

Functions and Operation:

The Xiaomi XiaoAi Smart Alarm Clock can serve various functions such as:

As already mentioned, you can set 30 different alarms according to your wakeup time and you can also set 80 distinct reminders using just your voice command.

The smart speaker is good enough to help you fulfill your musical cravings, while it also offers news headlines, stock updates and weather updates on your voice command. Besides, you can also demand meditation and nap mode to get soothing music during your workout sessions.

This smart alarm clock can be used to control other Xiaomi smart appliances in your home such as smart lights and smart appliances etc.

You can connect this device to over 100 different products by making use of Mi Smart Ecosystem and Xiaomi Gateway Hub. Plus, it can stream up to over 2000 different internet radio channels.

So the Xiaomi XiaoAi Smart Alarm Clock serves a lot of functions and you can call it the future of smart clocks because of its features. However, the only disadvantage that would freak you out is the lack of own power in the alarm clock. Due to this, you need to keep it plugged in 24x7 and this functions only when plugged in.

However, I am sure the makers would get over this con pretty soon in the upcoming versions and as per the Chinese cost, this smart clock may take a small sum of just $22 from you. Looks quite cool at this cost.