Why Chromebooks Might be a Future Call?

You know well about Chromebook, right? Yeah, we have discussed a lot about them in our previous posts and I might have described a bit about a particular Chromebook. However, let us keep this post a bit general and find out why Chromebooks might come up as a replacement for the normal laptops that we own today.

As of now, nearly every brand that designs desktops and laptops is into Chromebooks. You would find even some very new options as well in terms of brands. And besides the particular brands such as Lenovo, Dell, Acer or HP, people do note the kind of processor that powers the Chromebooks. For instance, while Intel is the favorite of many people, many of the Chromebook buyers prefer MediaTek processors for their Chromebooks as well. And tell you what, they are all good to go for the long term.

So here are some of the major advantages of Chromebooks that you need to know:

Advantages of Chromebooks:

Chromebooks are Low-Cost Products:

If you are either short of budget or need only a small device that is easily workable, Chromebooks work really well. They have almost all the features of a normal laptop, except for the size, which should not be an issue. A normal Chromebook can easily be obtained for around $200, but for better features, the cost could go up to about $500.

Chromebooks Are More Portable:

Portability is one of the major factors why Chromebooks are so much in fashion these days. If you always stay on-the-go, you can always have a Chromebook by your side. They are lighter in weight and more compact than a normal laptop. Besides, they would not need much space even while you are working.

Good for Educational Needs:

The recent pandemics have literally contained people inside their homes and this has worst affected the education of the kids. Well, with a product like a Chromebook, kids can easily purpose their education at home on optimum screen size. Laptops and tablets look too small and buying a full-fledged laptop might be too costly.

Besides, most of the brands design rugged Chromebooks these days. It means the devices can survive a fall from a height of about 1 meter from the ground level and they are also resistant to water and dirt. So if you are in a habit of dropping your digital devices, now you would not face any mini heart attacks with Chromebooks.

Huge Battery Backup:

Admit it or not, the battery backup is always a bit of an issue with the laptops. My new HP laptop battery lasts something from 4 to 5 hours and I am not into any kind of demanding work such as playing games or designing. However, Chromebooks would not disappoint you in the matter. Most of them have a good battery backup of around 8 hours and many of them can work up to 13 hours a day with a full battery.

Android Applications:

I always wished to run most of the Android applications on the laptop, and though there were web apps for many, they were not quite satisfactory. However, Chromebooks allow you to run almost all kinds of Android applications on them. You can sync your phone data with your device without any extra cable or application and you can lock or unlock your smartphone and the Chromebook using the other device when connected.

Silent Updates:

Windows updates are always a nasty thing and sometimes they disrupt your work while being downloaded. However, the updates in Chromebooks take place very silently and they hardly ever disturb you.

So yes, Chromebooks are handy enough to handle all kinds of tasks and demand lesser effort than a Laptop. But do you think they are handy enough to replace the laptops?



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