Tmall Genie Queen: The Smartest Mirror in the World

3 min readNov 2, 2020


You remember that “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” tale right? How the stepmother of the protagonist used to talk to her mirror, demanding the name of the most beautiful woman in the world? Well, here’s something that has spurred right out of the tale and Alibaba has made it possible for you to have that mirror that could also make you the most beautiful woman in the world.

The mirror can talk and offer you beauty tips and instead of some black magic, it has the power of Artificial Intelligence. Alibaba came up with this intelligent Tmall Genie Queen smart mirror in 2019 and this product has actually captured the attention of a lot of people.

Some of you might think that makeup is the copyright of women in the world, but lately, even the men across the world have shown a lot of interest in a better appearance powered by makeup and most importantly, the Chinese men are actually looking for such products. No wonder, the sale of Tmall Genie Queen smart mirror is at a boom, and not just in China, but across the world.

About Tmall Genie Queen:

The Tmall Genie Queen is a kind of unique smart speaker that is adjoined to an 8-inch smart mirror and dynamic LED lighting. It is affixed on a conical base containing the hardware of the smart makeup mirror. It responds to voice commands and offers beauty tips, beauty-routine reminders, and branded content.

As per the people who used it, the smart mirror promotes beauty goods of brands such as La Roche-Posay, Kérastase, Sisley, and Johnson & Johnson. This means when the users apply their makeup, the mirror will assess their skin and suggest the branded products based on consumers’ skin conditions. Shoppers can also increase or decrease the mirror’s brightness to recreate the effect of the dimly lit environments or natural sunlight for various makeup looks.

The smart mirror is voice-controlled to help you question the mirror for the kind of issues you have and get solutions promptly. The mirror is powered by MediaTek MT8516 which is currently one of the world’s most popular chips for voice assistants. And not just for the beauty needs, the smart mirror responds to your needs of finding a recipe, news updates, internet radio, and lots more that you demand from a smart speaker.

“The proportion of women purchasing electronic products is basically on par with that of men,” said Chen Lijuan, head of Alibaba’s AI Labs, the group behind the product, said in the launch event. “Women’s purchase rate of household appliances has exceeded 60%.”

According to a JPMorgan study released in October 2019, “China is now the second-largest beauty player in the world, with online sales now representing a quarter of the market, as brands have been able to reach customers outside the most developed Chinese cities” (Source: Tamebay).

Future with Tmall Genie Queen:

First of all, you should know that this smart speaker-cum mirror occurs at a small cost of just $10 and a few more cents, which is quite low for a product like this. And perhaps this is one of the major reasons why Tmall Genie Queen is doing so well.

And in the future, I think there would be more such products in the market which would offer beauty assistance to the people. No doubt, while not many people are aware of the product, I think Tmall Genie Queen will gain much more publicity in the upcoming period.




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