June Smart Oven: Have More on Your Plate

When the world is getting smarter, so should you with it. Smart ovens are not a new concept for sure, but June has added its own contribution to the segment and has brought a few smarter ovens into the market. Well, this is certainly a piece of late news because these smart ovens already hit the market almost a year go and you might be using them in your home as well.

However, if you still haven’t used it and are confused about how it works, here’s a small guide to help you out.

June Smart Oven: What it Offers

June Smart Oven is a smart countertop oven with a built-in camera. It comes with programs for cooking a variety of foods, and the camera can identify ingredients you place in the oven and automatically know how to cook them. Sounds strange, right?

Well, the HD camera is equipped with technology to recognize certain ingredients, prompting the interface to recommend corresponding cooking programs. You need a Wi-Fi connection to allow you to use an app that will monitor your food with the camera and control the oven from anywhere in your home. Surprisingly, you can use it even miles away from your home.

Again, you would be thinking about the possibility and the technology that led to this. If you go deep inside, the technology used in it is MediaTek’s i500 AIoT chipset platform. MediaTek’s i500 has a dedicated AI Processing Unit (APU) that executes June’s sophisticated AI algorithms designed for precision cooking.

“MediaTek’s i500 platform helped us to achieve our vision of launching the third-generation June Oven and to bring to consumers an elegant, easy-to-use and full-featured cooking appliance,” said Matt Van Horn Co-Founder and CEO at June during the launch of the smart Oven. “Thanks to MediaTek’s excellent ecosystem support in the U.S., we were able to design this revolutionary product that seamlessly integrates computer vision, AI and voice-assistant technologies to deliver new and exciting cooking experiences.”

June Smart Oven: Built-in Programs

Convection Oven: It has twin convection fans that double the airflow for faster, more even cooking.

Air Fryer: You get the .same crispy, finger-licking deep-fried results with a fraction of the oil using the program.

Grill: You get the perfect char marks and the doneness is much better even with an in-home grill.

Roaster: You would want your meat to be tender and juicy on the inside, crisp and caramelized on the outside. This is a cakewalk for the smart oven.

Slow Cooker: You have the option of cooking it low, slow, and just the way you like it. Your slow cooker will lend you the best taste you demand.

Dehydrator: Get a healthy and homemade dehydrator for your meats and other food items. This is small enough to fit your countertop and yet offer the best outcomes.

Toaster: You would not need an extra toaster on your kitchen counter when the June Smart Oven is a part of your kitchen.

Reheat: Give leftovers a reheat with real heat without even turning your food rubbery and hard to chew. Well, this is what June boasts on the website.

Pizza Oven: June boasts to be a natural stone-firing pizza in your own kitchen and they are not even sorry about it. Kidding. Who would not want such an oven?

Proofer: This function is for the bread-makers and pastry chefs, where the oven can help you bake the desired element by recognizing the ingredients.

Broiler: If you want perfectly broiled chicken or turkey, this is what the smart oven can do on its own.

Warming Drawer: June smart oven keeps food warm and though we have already seen this previously, this is something that it does even after being switched off.

So yes, June Smart Oven is a smart option starting at $600. But do you think it deserves the price?



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