Grundig OLED — Fire TV Edition: The First from Amazon

The trend of Fire TVs is certainly not something new, they started gaining popularity only recently. Though many brands came up with such an option in the past, they were not that successful. In fact, even the Grundig smart TVs from Amazon which actually had Fire TV capabilities were not considered that smart.

However, Amazon came up with its Grundig OLED — Fire TV Edition in 2019, and ever since then, the Fire TVs have actually become the favorites of the people. Initially, it was announced in only some countries, but now you can order them in the US as well and get a package that negates the need for a Fire TV stick. And there was a bit of controversy about the TVs as well, initially, but I think the product finally met the approval of people and is good to go.

Let us talk about the features of the smart TV before we know the controversy associated:

Features of Grundig OLED — Fire TV Edition:

The Grundig OLED Fire TV Edition occurs in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes. In case you wish to have the far-field mics, you may need to play a bit extra. The smart TVs cost about €1,299.99 ( close to $1,433) for the 65-inch variant and €1,199.99 (almost $1,323) for the 55-inch variant. They feature Dolby Vision HDR and include a 10-speaker system that can output Dolby Atmos.

Here are some other smart features and interesting facts about the smart TV that you must know:

Grundig OLED Fire TV Edition was the world’s first Fire TV Edition with hands-free voice control. In your living room, you can ask Alexa to turn on the TV, adjust the volume, or control playback, and even do it from across the room.

The major advantage of an integrated Fire TV is that you can enjoy thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills, including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, ARD, ZDF, DAZN,, and much more. Though, you may need subscription charges for almost all of these. It also integrates live TV channels and streaming channels on a single home page with the help of an HD antenna required.

As far as your privacy is concerned, Amazon boasts of Grundig OLED — Fire TV Edition being developed to protect your privacy as well. In order to disconnect the power to the microphone, you just need to press the microphone on/off button. So if you do not want Alexa to listen to your home conversations through the TV, you can just do it with the press of a button.

This Grundig TV is powered by a MediaTek MT 8173C chipset which is one of the really good TV chipsets and it takes care of the picture quality and the connectivity of the TV.

About the Controversy:

The Grundig OLED Fire TV Edition landed in a bit of controversy when people came out with the question that they were actually ready for Alexa microphones inside their TVs?

They considered it a breach of their privacy with strangers listening to our recordings to improve Alexa’s accuracy. However, this built-in approach could well be the beginning of a trend for other Fire TV Edition models in the future.

And just as I already mentioned in the features above, there is a button below the TV for muting the microphones. Grundig confirmed that the TVs use “last-generation” LG OLED panels with a wide color gamut and support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision, which is a good thing, but even your private conversations at home are absolutely safe if you keep the microphone switched off.

So how do you think this smart OLED Fire TV would do in the future?



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