Enhancing Android Gaming: MediaTek’s and Google Together

2 min readApr 1, 2024

The collaboration between Google and MediaTek represents a significant stride towards empowering developers with tools to address these challenges effectively. Through the integration of Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF) and MediaTek Adaptive Gaming Technology (MAGT), developers now have unprecedented control over dynamic performance adjustments, ensuring optimal gaming experiences on Android devices.

ADPF serves as a robust platform for developers, offering real-time insights into thermal conditions and enabling dynamic workload adjustments. By harnessing this technology, developers can fine-tune game parameters such as resolution and frame rate to strike a delicate balance between performance and thermal constraints. Notably, success stories like Kakao Games’s Ares demonstrate the tangible benefits of ADPF, with significant enhancements in FPS stability achieved through runtime workload adjustments.

At the heart of MediaTek’s contribution lies the MAGT SDK, which provides developers with advanced tools for performance optimization on MediaTek SoCs. Through MAGT, developers gain access to fine-grained performance data and actionable hints for workload optimization. Moreover, MediaTek’s collaboration with Google extends beyond MAGT, as it enhances ADPF capabilities to prevent thermal throttling and optimize performance.

One of the standout features of MediaTek’s integration with ADPF is its ability to prevent thermal throttling through real-time thermal management. By leveraging functions like getThermalHeadroom(), developers can obtain crucial insights into device temperatures and dynamically adjust workloads to maintain optimal performance levels. This proactive approach not only enhances user experiences but also prolongs device longevity by mitigating the adverse effects of thermal throttling.

In practical application, Unity’s Boat Attack demo serves as a compelling example of the transformative impact of MediaTek’s contributions. Through the Performance Hint Session API, developers can optimize performance by providing target frame times and monitoring actual frame durations. The result is a seamless gaming experience characterized by optimal frame rates, reduced power consumption, and extended play sessions. The significant improvements in FPS, power efficiency, and session duration underscore the efficacy of MediaTek’s technology in elevating the gaming experience on Android devices.

By enabling better frame rates, reducing power consumption, and extending gaming sessions, MediaTek’s collaboration with Google delivers tangible benefits to developers and end-users alike. The enhanced performance and thermal management capabilities not only unlock new possibilities for game development but also ensure that gamers can enjoy immersive experiences without compromising device performance or longevity. As the mobile gaming industry continues to thrive, partnerships like the one between Google and MediaTek play a pivotal role in driving innovation and raising the bar for gaming experiences on Android platforms.