Acer Chromebook R 13: Bang to the Bucks

You would have heard about a number of Chromebooks with the brand name Asus Chromebook R13. Well, even I did, and to be very specific about something that I am talking about, I got to tell you its model number. The one I reviewed goes by the model number CB5–312T-K5X4 and I actually find the features of this device pretty good.

So let me share a few important specifications and features of this device that I find really interesting:

Specifications of Acer Chromebook R 13:

  • It contains a 13.3" display with full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, high-brightness, LED-backlit IPS technology with an integrated multi-touch screen. It also has a display aspect ratio of 16:9 aspect ratio.

Other Salient Features:

360-Degree Flexibility:

Acer Chromebook R 13 has a 360-degree hinge that provides flexibility and strength to effortlessly open the lid in any direction that you desire. You can use it as a mobile Android tablet, in a notebook mode, and even share and create content when the screen is folded backward.

The special feature about this Chromebook is that it detects the mode that you are using and in accordance, it optimizes the sound through the dual sets of speakers.

Less Waiting Time:

As per Acer, this Chromebook is designed to save your time. This is why it starts up instantly without wasting any time and has virus protection built-in, so you can spend less time waiting and more time doing the stuff you love.

Working on Google Doc and Excel sheets is a breeze on the device and you can even play your favorite games without any hassles. And most importantly. The device offers almost 12 hours of battery backup and could be used as a device on-the-go.

Seamless Performance:

If you look at the specs, the device has a MediaTek chipset and probably this is the major reason for its healthy performance. The smart device has seamless connectivity and even the graphic performance is really good.

The device comes with built-in storage for offline access to your most important files and it even offers you an additional 100GB of Google Drive space to ensure backing up all your devices automatically.

No doubt, Acer Chromebook R 13 could pass as one of the devices that you need for professional tasks. About the costs, it drills a hole of about $410 in your pockets and I think this is good enough for the education needs of your kids as well.



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